The Big Vote allows Newham residents to take part in deciding how funding is distributed in the local area. Each community neighbourhood in Newham has an average of £200,000 to spend on projects that improve the local area. School 360’s submission to re-wild its playground and create new play spaces for the children has been shortlisted, and if successful will secure the school £20,000 in funding. The plans include:

  • A green wall, using climbing plants to improve the air quality
  • A wildflower garden to attract pollinating insects 
  • Wild/ natural play area including long grass and fallen trees 
  • Planting areas to grow food
  • Water butts to catch rainwater 

Anyone who lives or works in the borough can take part in the vote, click the button below for more information and to cast your vote to support the school’s bid. Online voting is open until 12th November.