February 24, 2023

Do you dream of having access to space to grow your own food?

Do you want to help local children and families learn about the joys of gardening and food growing?

Do you want to help your local community to be more environmentally friendly?

School 360 are looking for a part-time volunteer garden coordinator to help develop the growing spaces at the school. In return for a half or full day of volunteering each week, you’ll get all the space, resources and materials you need to grow your own food. They will also provide paid-for gardening and food growing training to support you to continue to develop your skills ad knowledge.

The school has big hopes of helping the community to develop local food systems, to connect with nature and to learn how everyone has a play a part in developing more sustainable ways of living. They have built a roof food garden and have plans to convert other parts of the school grounds into spaces for food growing.

Please get in touch at sharing why you would be a good fit for the role and to organise a call with the School 360 team.

Skills for the role

  • Some experience of gardening/food growing (you don’t need to be an expert!)
  • Are able to commit to volunteering for half or a full day each week during term times
  • Experience of, or an interest in, working with children